First DSP from Hindu community highlighting the positive face of Pakistan : meet Manisha Ropeta

Manisha Ropeta, a 26-year-old from Jacobabad, is the first Hindu woman appointed as deputy superintendent of police ( DSP)  after clearing the Sindh Public Service Commission exam.

“I had to work very hard, probably harder than others. Sometimes I would feel the day would go by and I had done nothing except study,”  Ropeta expresses her struggle

She is the first woman from the Hindu community to pass the Sindh Public Service Commission exam and be appointed a DSP.

Ropeta plans to quit her profession in medicine to become a police officer. She said she has always wanted to do something unique.

“It was expected of me to go for MBBS, but when that didn’t pan out I thought of going for DPD because that too is in the field of medicine,” she said.

Ropeta is also interested in poetry and is excited to start her DSP training and serve in the police force.

According to the results announced by the Sindh Public Service Commission on April 13, Ropeta stood at the 16th number on a merit list of 152 successful candidates.

Before Ropeta, Pushpa Kumari from Umerkot district had passed her examination and joined Sindh police as the first Hindu assistant sub-inspector in Sindh police.

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