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Consequences of Fake news

Asif Ali: Haydrabad

Never has lie become so pervasive as is in the current age. The current time is the period of disarray, mutilation, disinformation, and untruths. Truth and bona fide data have turned into a far off dream; everyone wants truth; however, a couple approach it.

“The lie became the truth”, said George Orwell in his works in 1984. He saw that each reality had been impure with a counter-truth. The spread of fake news is a lot simpler in the current times than in any period.

In present day times, all counter-realities are viewed as truth. Kevin Kelly, the fellow benefactor of Weird Magazine, conceded that the major new test in detailing news was the new state of truth organized and directed by strong friends and peers.

“The lie became the truth”, George Orwell

Manufactured data prepares for connivances, and damages social orders in various ways. Counterfeit news is definitely not another item; it has a long history. From Roman Emperor Octavian’s phony misleading publicity against his general Marc Antony to Trump’s derogatory political race, counterfeit news has forever been seen in mankind’s set of experiences.

Undoubtedly, fake news has been the part and parcel of human history. In 1898, fake news presented the Spaniards as monsters resulting in the US-Spanish war. Similarly, US media, in 2003, created a hype that Iraq was making chemical weapons. Owing to the fake news, most of the populace supported the US to wage a war against Iraq. However, Hans Blix, UN chief weapons inspector to Iraq, reported back to the UN Security Council that his team had not found any such weapons; but the western media showed Iraqis as ‘ barbarians’.

Fake news is often used as a tool for fulfilling vested motives. In America, the media showed that the presence of American troops in Afghanistan was costly; therefore, a private firm could handle the worsening situation.

The Black Water, through multiple media sources -both conventional and social media, made the US government believe that privatizing the war was a better option than losing it. The US government, after paying a heavy price, agreed with Black Water to hire private personals under command of the organization.

The role of fake news does not only serve personal gains but also helps in character assassinations. American media deliberately, according to BBC, demonized Hillary Clinton during her election campaign. The popular slogan at Trump election rallies in 2016 “lock her ( Hillary) up” was wholly based on fake news about her supposedly criminal conduct. Experts are of the view that the movement based on fake news played a pivotal role in her defeat in the elections.

The popular slogan at Trump election rallies in 2016 “lock her ( Hillary) up” was wholly based on fake news about her supposedly criminal conduct.

Counterfeit news likewise assumes a critical part in harming a country’s appearance universally. India, for example, misshapes the delicate picture of Pakistan through counterfeit news. Indian Chronicles distributed by EU Disinfolab in December 2020 uncovered Indian tricks against Pakistan. Alexandre Alaphilippe told BBC, ” It is the biggest organization we have at any point uncovered”. The report uncovered that the organization was spread north of 116 nations and completed a worldwide disinformation mission to exasperate the security issues of Pakistan.

In last, the spread of fake news brings forth political polarization. It is utilized to partition and misinform a general public; as the Brexit Campaign was controlled by Dominic Cummings who was boss guide to UK state head Boris Johnson. In a meeting, he was inquired as to whether he realized his motto was false. He answered, “I was given the assignment of winning the mandate. Didn’t I win?.” Therefore, nobody can deny the way that we are living in the period of fake news.


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