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Friends-turned-Culprits Rape Job-Seeking Girl in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Another case of alleged gang rape has emerged in the capital city of Islamabad, where a Rawalpindi resident has lodged a complaint at the Shalimar Police Station.

The complainant claimed to have known the accused, Amjad Khan and Aamir Zaman, who had offered her jobs on multiple occasions. After losing her job at a call center, she contacted the accused for help finding a new one.

However, on February 18, when she met with them, they drove around indecently before stopping behind flats in Sector F11, where they raped her at gunpoint in the car. The victim immediately went to the police station to file a complaint with the help of her Aunt.

Two individuals, Amjad Khan and Amir Zaman have been booked in a First Information Report (FIR) for sexually assaulting and raping the victim.

This case comes after a recent incident where a girl was gang-raped in the park of Sector F9, and the accused were later killed in an encounter with the police.

The increasing occurrence of such incidents is alarming, and the authorities are urged to take strict measures to ensure that such heinous crimes are punished severely to deter others from committing such atrocities.

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