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US gives out $200m for gender equality, democracy in Pakistan

Senators in the United States of America (USA) approved a sweeping annual spending package of $1.7 trillion, allocating $200 million for gender equality and strengthening democracy in Pakistan.

Ukraine has got the lion’s share, with $45 billion approved in a aid and reforms to election law.

It is to be noted that Pakistan’s allocation is under the US fund for gender equality, which is a 20-fold increase from the funds reserved in 2020.

In 2020, the US congress cleared $10m for addressing gender disparity and $15m for strengthening democracy in Pakistan. In 2000, Pakistan received $25 million for the same purpose.

The sweeping annual spending package was rubber-stamped by the House of Representatives.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoye said: “This bill is a critically important piece of legislation not only to keep our government funded, keep our people being served but also to show that the United States of America’s government works.”

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