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Federal Sharia Court to provide protection to transgender children

Does the Transgender Act 2018 give a child below the age of 18 the right to gender identity?

Acting Chief Justice Syed Muhammad Anwar and Justice Khadim Hussain Sheikh of the Federal Sharia Court have directed the Ministry of Human Rights in Islamabad to take steps to protect minor and elderly eunuchs as soon as possible. So that their rights can be easily provided to them.

On Tuesday, January 10, the two respected judges of the Federal Sharia Court issued instructions to the Ministry of Human Rights for transgenders during the hearing of the petitions filed against the Transgender Act 2018.

During the hearing, the judges expressed disbelief on the steps taken at the government level for the transgender community and said that the government is not taking better steps for the transgender community.

On behalf of the court, the Ministry of Human Rights was directed to prepare a draft soon with regard to the building etc.

Zamurd Khan is also the Patron Saint of Orphanage Pakistan and Sweet Home.

Zamurd Khan said that the reason for the delay in this matter was that the Ministry had not provided the land for this safety center. The rest of the facilities will be seen only after the building is found.

This decision of the Federal Sharia Court is undoubtedly a decision written in golden letters in the history of Pakistan and regarding human rights. But this decision raises many more questions.

Qamar Naseem runs Blue Wine, an organization that works for the transgender community. Qamar says that if this decision of the Federal Shariah Court is implemented, many problems of the trans community can be solved easily.

If the government takes the responsibility of supporting young eunuch children, then the guru system will automatically end. Transgender people will not be sexually exploited. But the important question here is that the Transgender Act 2018, when it defines a transgender person, takes it as an adult above 18 years. So does the definition of a transgender person have to be changed here? Qamar added.

Gender assessment of transgender person has been a very important topic of discussion in Pakistan in 2022. Center Mushtaq and many other personalities have been raising questions on it.

After this decision of the Federal Shariah Court, will there be further amendments in the Transgender Bill? What is the procedure to be followed for the registration of Transgender Children in Identification and Protection Center?

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