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Report: 400k Allegedly Involved in Blasphemous Practices in Pakistan

The Legal Commission on Blasphemy has claimed that the Federal Investigation Agency Cyber Crime Wing has submitted a report in Lahore High Court, stating that 400,000 individuals were allegedly involved in blasphemous practices in Pakistan.

The Commission claims that the said report stats Allah Almighty, Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Ahle Bayt, Ummahat-ul-Muminin, Ashab, Holy Quran, and the national flag were being desecrated on social media in a systematic manner.

Government Institutions Urged to Take Action Against Blasphemy

During a press conference at the National Press Club, Chairman of the Legal Commission on Blasphemy, Rao Abdul Rahim Advocate, expressed his astonishment at the fact that over 400,000 people were involved in blasphemous practices. He emphasized that the entire nation should play its due role, and the government institutions should fulfill their constitutional responsibilities into the matter. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been urged to apply filtration and registration on social media to prevent profane and obscene content from being posted, shared, and downloaded.

Legal Commission Calls for National Awareness Day for Prevention of Indecent Content on Social Media

To raise awareness about the issue, the Legal Commission on Blasphemy has appealed to the public to observe Friday, April 7, as the “National Awareness Day for Prevention of Indecent Content on Social Media.” Abdul Rahim Advocate emphasized that modern technology should be utilized to provide information on individuals involved in such criminal activities, enabling the FIA Cyber Crime Wing to arrest and bring them to justice.

Efforts to Combat Blasphemy

Abdul Rahim Advocate noted that the Legal Commission on Blasphemy has arrested 119 individuals, with 11 people sentenced to death by the trial court, and the death sentence of two accused confirmed by the High Court so far. He called on the public to join the efforts to combat blasphemy and prevent the spread of indecent content on social media. The senior members of the commission, including Shiraz Ahmed Farooqui and Allama Shabir Shah Geelani, accompanied Abdul Rahim Advocate during the press conference.

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