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Freedom fighter of sub_ Continent Comrade kaka Jee Snoober

Rafi ullah pashtoon

Someone beautifully said,” resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
Kaka is gentle and delicate as the perfume of rose bud in pashtoon history. When we called back our hidden and distorted history; ignoring and neglecting Snoober in differnt segment of life is the death of our collective conscience.

In the realm of history kaka jee snoober is beyond all adjectives, either in the segment of politics, litreature , journalism , progressive poets and battle direct and indirectly. Simultaneously, he had reached himself and touched every part of the life in very short span and period. He broke with everyone , but stay firm , committed and fearless till to end.

The history of pashtoon hitreto is replete of class struggle . when it comes to kaka jee the tale is very peculiar and strange from other pashtoon Heroes to any angle. It is also hurt each one and creats wonds on the heart, despite he had consumed whole energy to serve and chant slogan for supress class and boast up pashto progressive and modren litrature with full zeal and zest. But unfortunatly, still his alturistic struggle and services are uncoverd.
Kaka jee had given very sole idea about class and national Question. He say, Class and national qudstion are inseparable.

He was leader of all and sundry, because he had gone through very harsh condition, but never compromise on commitment and discipline. He had seen alarmed and unexpected riots, but these never pushed him back, he was entirly alienated from his faimly and relatives in the mountains tribal area.

He is icon for all door to door masses of sub_continent. The efforts of him deliberately going to ignore in the faction of politics and literature. He didn’t only practically take impart in the battle with British colonism ,but , along that he has counted in the pioneers of progressive’s literature of is cherry on the cake that kaka jee himself intellectual, journalist and progressive poet and master of sword and pen. Along he produced the group of intellectulas and writers from his own gathering, later they became renowned personalities of pashtunkkwa.

He Got birth in peswr village Gaga vila and go through matric and thought in the same village of peswr, commenced teaching there. When imperlist over power on subcontinent, passion for teaching had been lost, its compelled him to come out to the battle against these imperils power, He wanted to exorcised for the sack he taken part in this battle and named the owner of pen and sword.

First a fall laid the foundation stone of injman zamindaran to address the obstacles of regional former. With same fission, upcoming year with the assistance of his chums Abdul rehman arya and abdul aziz khamosh laid the foundations stone Nawjwan Sarhad which was political organization, latter he support and backed up revolt unlist freedom fighter comrade Bagat sing and got space in front Barat saba , in 1929 furious speech at lahore was too astounding and attractive, attract everyone. In the same time he was having the position of Gernal secretary and Abdul Rahim pupalzai was the president of Barat saba .
Furthermore, in Aprial,1930 he was detained next to the carnage and bloodshed of Qaisakwani incident, the same slogans of freedom arose and reached to the peak, for instance , Faqir api( Merza ali khan) khan abdul Gafar khan (Bacha khan) and Haji sab Tarnzi strived for freedom and wanted to get rid from British colonialism.

When they were put behind the lock approximately six months in Balesar peswr, before chaining kaka jee brought out weekly magazine Sarfrosh، the declaration of this magazine was confiscated soon. As soon he as he get freed commence Silab news paper in the first two or three edition FIR lodged against snoober he fled to tribal area to fight against British colonism with help and coordination of Haji sab Tarngzi, while he keep resistance and told spade a spade about the cruelty and atrocity of British imperils. Kaka jee spent more than 18 years in the mountains of Bajwar and its premises and set up a shola magazine for the sack to inciting the masse of tribal area against british imperlism and remind them with full zeal and zest, the freedom of slogan with coordination of Haji sab tranzi. When the British compelled to left once again he return towrds native land and commence to brought out Aslam nama Magzine contributed this to his Martyred comrade who got martyrdom fighting agnist colonism.

When he laid to rest in 1963 comrade Afzal Bangash founder of Mazdoor kisan party issued weekly magazine on the name Kaka jee snoober .

Therefore kaka jee left no stone unturned to resolve the obstacles of pashtoon and door to door masses.

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