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Rape or Shooting in Mosque: which is a biggest crime

Karachi: Hafiz Khuda Bakhsh leads Juma’s prayers in a Mosque in Odero Lal Sindh after raping a young boy with his friend before worship.

Hafiz Khuda Bakhsh has registered an FIR against the Sindhi writer Amer Jalil in response to his writing regarding God. It was Amer’s Literary piece and a close conversation with God. But Hafiz Khuda Bakhsh Claims that Amer Jalil disrespected God in his write-up.

Sabookh Sayeed, the senior journalist, shared on his social media accounts,” I kept silent because I waited for a response from the religious leaders and ulama’s as we all find them shooting on saba Qamar in her shot in masjid Wazeer khan’

He questioned, is not this act a disrespect to the Mosque’?

Mufti Noman Naeem later shared his views on social media and condemned the act. He claims that this act questioned the respect and dignity of Pakistan and Islam. Mufti Noman Request the Government to arrest the culprit and punish him in a way that next time no one can even think about doing this act.

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