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Siddique Jan Remanded into Police Custody

ISLAMABAD: Senior journalist and Bol News Islamabad Bureau Chief, Siddique Jan, has been remanded into police custody for one day by an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad.

During the court hearing, Jan informed the judge that he would accept any order given to him. He also stated that he had not been given any food or drink since his arrest.

Along with Jan, his friend Idrees Chachar was also sent to police custody. The court allowed Jan’s relatives to meet him during the custody period.

The police lawyer informed the court that Jan was hindering them from performing their duty, whereas Jan’s counsel, Mian Ashfaq, argued that watching the video on which the case was based would reveal that there was no basis for filing a case against Jan.

Ashfaq also stated that the sections mentioned in the FIR were bailable.

Jan claimed that journalists had only urged the police not to fire teargas shells at them, and had even rescued a police officer who was coughing uncontrollably due to teargas.

He further added that while they supported the police, the police still fired teargas shells at them.

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