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Journalism for human rights to support Press club for journalists’ trainings, MOU signed

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between journalism for human rights and press club Sahiwal was signed in press club Sahiwal.

Under the MOU JFHR will support Press club journalists through specialized training events on improving the quality of fact base journalism, Fact-checking, countering dis and misinformation, and effectiveness/ use of the Right to information law for authentic news coverage.

while exchanging the files,
Javed Nisar: president of press club
Saddia Mazhar:

Furthermore, JFHR will facilitate the journalists in filling RTI requests for public interest journalism, and engagements with civil society organizations to empower the journalists through their coverage.

Rana Javed Nisar, president press club said the press club management will make sure the presence of journalists in these training to improve their skills and counter the fake news digital era. Journalists will participate in these activities and learn new skills and focus on public interest journalism.

Shahid Rafiq, vice president of press club Sahiwal, Saleem Kathia from PNN news, Shahbaz Afzal, and other senior journalists attended the event.


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