Maryam Nawaz accuses Judges of aiding Imran Khan

Maryam Nawaz, PML-N Senior Vice President, alleged that some former and serving judges of the Supreme Court are favoring Imran Khan and aiding his return to power.

Speaking at a party workers convention in Sargodha, she named the judges who are allegedly working to bring Imran back to power.

Maryam claimed that Lt Gen (retd) Faiz was heading the “gang” and wanted to become army chief for which he needed a pawn to use.

She accused former CJP Khosa of helping Imran influence cases against Nawaz and disqualify PML-N leaders.

Maryam claimed that the establishment has backed off from supporting Imran, and now the judiciary is facilitating him.

She warned of grave consequences if Imran is rescued by Supreme Court judges. Maryam criticized the “partial” judges for trying to get Imran back into parliament and returning to power.

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