PTI Finalizes Punjab Rally Schedule

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has released the official schedule for a series of rallies in Punjab, set to take place from Wednesday to Sunday. PTI Chairman Imran Khan will spearhead all the public gatherings across the province.

Muridke to Mark the Start of PTI Rallies

The first rally is scheduled to commence from Muridke on Wednesday, with PTI supporters gathering to show their solidarity and support.

Gakhar Mandi Set for PTI’s Second Public Gathering

On Thursday, PTI’s second public gathering will take place in Gakhar Mandi, providing an opportunity for party members and citizens to come together in a show of unity.

Lalamusa, Gujar Khan, and Attock to Witness PTI Rallies

The momentum will continue with PTI organizing rallies in Lalamusa, Gujar Khan, and Attock. These locations are expected to draw large crowds as people express their enthusiasm for PTI’s political agenda.

Imran Khan’s Leadership in Focus

Imran Khan, the former prime minister and current PTI Chairman, will lead all the rallies held in Punjab. His presence is expected to invigorate and motivate supporters as they rally behind the party’s cause.

Background: Public Gatherings Amid Election Disputes

The decision to hold public gatherings comes after the government’s apparent reluctance to adhere to the Supreme Court’s orders for holding elections on May 14. Imran Khan had announced the plan for public gatherings earlier, aiming to demonstrate his party’s commitment to the democratic process and express discontent over the delay in elections.

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