Distribution of Telethon funds for flood effecties: Who got what ?

Saddia mazhar

Dr. Sania Nishtar has announced the details of collection of funds through Telethon organized by Chairman PTI Imran khan for the flood effecties in Pakistan. Dr. Sania public the report on Monday 7th November 2022.

According to the report total pledged amount through telethon was Rs .15 billion but the received amount is : Rs. 4,324.2 Million in which Total International Collection is Rs 1,514.7 million (35.0%)  and Total Domestic Collection is Rs. 2,809.5 million (65.0%).


The survey process in kpk, Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan is in process and next step will be Nadra verification Dr. Sania express in her video message.

Some statistic about the transactions are mentioned below:

  • Total Transactions: 115,735
  • International Transactions: 20,234 (17%)
  • Domestic Transactions: 95,501 (83%)
  • Average size of Donation
  • International Donors: 74,861/-
  • Domestic Donors: 29,418/-
  • Credit Card Donation
  • Successful Transactions Value: Rs. 1,050.2 million
  • Failed Transaction Value: Rs. 4,284 million


They have also estimated the total amount of distribution in Punjab and kpk. “Kacha “ and “ pakka” makkan honors will get amount accordingly. Compensation for partially damaged houses in Punjab will be Rs. 50,000 for ‘kacha’ house and Rs. 200,000 for ‘Pakka’ house while in kpk the amount will be Rs. 160,000. The Compensation for fully damaged houses in Punjab will be Rs. 200,000 for ‘kacha’ house and Rs. 400,000 for ‘Pakka’ house and in kpk this amount will be Rs. 400,000. But in all these details total number of houses damaged in this flood is missing.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa total estimated destroyed houses are 44,099 and complete verification digit from Nadra is 23,974. People need to complete their biometric for getting money and till dated 15,389 verification is pending. From the total amount for flood effecties in KPK 825.5 M, distributed amount is 1.994 Bn.

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